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Find Locum Relief Veterinarians, Technicians or Nurses locally, nationally and internationally. Publish your shift Needs and start finding Locum Relief staff today.

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  • I've really enjoyed being on the Beta Test team. My profile looks really professional and I can see my listed availabilities and matches easily. Can't wait to see it live.
    Joanne K
    Locum Relief Veterinarian
  • Having seen a few attempts at creating a relief staff solution it's great to finally find one that works, but that is also easy to use. Well done and good luck with the launch!
    George T
    Practice Manager
  • Watching things develop from the early sketches and wireframes to now be ready for testing has been fascinating. And it works really well - what a cost-saving it will be.
    Michelle N
    E&CC Director


It’s time to focus on your own well-being!

Improving your well-being is more complex than taking a week-long holiday at a health spa, or simply getting more exercise and improving your diet. Though all of these are important to Veterinary Professional Wellbeing (and wouldn’t we all like to justify our own annual spa retreats), stress management and mental health care require fundamental changes to our daily lives. Remember that you deserve to nurture yourself to the same degree that you look after your patients. How do you cope when you are being pulled in so many mental and physical directions? Here are some essential first steps…

How To Achieve a Low-Stress Locum Relief Life

Locum relief work can alleviate some of the stresses associated with permanent veterinary positions, whilst still allowing veterinarians, nurses, and vet techs to perform the clinical work they enjoy. Many veterinarians, nurses, and vet techs have considered moving to locum relief work to experience all the financial and lifestyle benefits it can potentially offer. If you’re ready to make the leap to locum work, check out our practical tips for achieving the ultimate “Low-stress, Fear-Free” locum relief lifestyle…

9 ways to take your Vet Nurse or Vet Tech career to the Next Level

Veterinary nursing is indeed a calling, and the passion and care that you, as a Veterinary Technician or Nurse, display, always on the front line of veterinary care, is admired by us all. No practice can deliver gold-standard veterinary care without your compassion, commitment, experience, expertise, and knowledge. While the personal rewards are to be cherished, the reality is that we all have to live in an ever-expensive world. But once you step up a few rungs, your income will start to meet your lifestyle expectations. Although trends are changing, entry and early-year salary levels will remain modest for the foreseeable future.  So to get ahead with your situation and finances, you need to level up…literally. It’s time to work your way rapidly up through the ranks. Let your experience, expertise, and ability “self-negotiate” career advancement. The accompanying salary increases will enable you to experience the reality and comfort of financial stability in balance with your remarkably satisfying work. So to help you take that next step up or three, we asked leading Vet Nurses and Technicians worldwide who have achieved personal, professional, and financial success to share their advice on accelerating your career. And here it is…

VETERINARY Locumotion – Our Story

VETERINARY Locumotion is a Business Unit of VETERINARYmoda, that aspires to be THE global community for all things to do with your career as a veterinary professional – Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Practice and Hospital Managers as well as Emergency & Critical Care and Specialist practitioners.

VETERINARYmoda: Veterinary – to do with animals, their care and wellbeing, Moda – trend, style, innovation

You likely already know our VET & PET Jobs Marketplace which provides a global platform for primarily permanent veterinary team members and employers.

And in the second half of 2023, you will also have the opportunity to experience VETERINARYmasterclass. We are currently exploring the veterinary world every day, seeking out the very best practitioners to enable us to produce high-quality Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development programming with TV or Movie-standard production quality – Love to Learn, Learn to Live.

Together VETERINARY Locumotion, VET&PET Jobs Marketplace and VETERINARYmasterclass will be the foundation for the VETERINARYmoda community worldwide, with even more in the pipeline.

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