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And just like Netflix, Spotify or Disney+, Veterinary Locumotion works on a simple, transparent, low-cost subscription and stamp model.

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Find Locum Relief Veterinarians, Technicians or Nurses locally, nationally and internationally. Publish your shift Needs and start finding Locum Relief staff today.

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We are always focused on providing the simplest, easiest to use and most transparent Veterinary Locum Relief platform. This is how it works for everyone.

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  • I've really enjoyed being on the Beta Test team. My profile looks really professional and I can see my listed availabilities and matches easily. Can't wait to see it live.
    Joanne K
    Locum Relief Veterinarian
  • Having seen a few attempts at creating a relief staff solution it's great to finally find one that works, but that is also easy to use. Well done and good luck with the launch!
    George T
    Practice Manager
  • Watching things develop from the early sketches and wireframes to now be ready for testing has been fascinating. And it works really well - what a cost-saving it will be.
    Michelle N
    E&CC Director


📖 Your Blueprint to Thriving in Locum Relief Work: Step-by-Step Guide

The growth in demand for veterinary care shows no sign of abatement, and most veterinary practices are finding themselves “under the pump” and feeling the pressure to serve their clients and patients, many of whom they have known all their lives. So when one of the team moves on, or the practice wants to give their team members the rest and recovery time they deserve, they turn to Locum Relief Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses and Technicians for support. And, of course, this means talented and capable locum relief veterinary professionals are in high demand and more welcome than a treat while a chocolate lab is getting her shots! But how do you get started if you are a newbie? Here are the top five benefits of locum relief veterinary work, plus our Locum Relief 101 guide…

🌍 2024 Global Veterinary Salary Survey – Results, Trends & Insights

In the ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine, understanding the dynamics of salary trends and the increasing importance of non-cash benefits has never been more crucial. At Veterinary Jobs Marketplace, we’ve conducted an extensive analysis of veterinarian salaries across three key regions: the USA & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, and the UK & Europe. Our findings reveal not only the numerical compensation trends from January 2020 to January 2024 but also underscore the growing significance of lifestyle, flexible scheduling, and work-life balance in attracting and retaining top veterinary talent…

🌟 How to Make Your Practice the #1 Choice for Locum Relief Talent

As a practice owner, you might be feeling the pinch of being short-staffed lately. With the growing demand for veterinary services, there just aren’t enough Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses, and Technicians to cover every open position. In many practices, this means temporarily leaning on a locum relief team member. While locum relief Veterinary Pros can be a fabulous asset to your practice and help fill those pesky gaps, they can also be hard to come by. Depending on your location, there may be a limited supply of locum relief vets, nurses, and techs in your area, and you might find yourself in a friendly competition with other practices vying for their attention. Discover how you can make your practice shine bright, increasing your chances of finding, wooing, and keeping top-notch locum relief team members…

Veterinary Locumotion – Our Story

Veterinary Locumotion is a Business Unit of VETERINARYmoda, that aspires to be THE global community for all things to do with your career as a veterinary professional – Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Practice and Hospital Managers as well as Emergency & Critical Care and Specialist practitioners.

VETERINARYmoda: Veterinary – to do with animals, their care and wellbeing, Moda – trend, style, innovation

You likely already know our Veterinary Jobs Marketplace which provides a global platform for primarily permanent veterinary team members and employers.

And in the second half of 2023, you will also have the opportunity to experience VETERINARYmasterclass. We are currently exploring the veterinary world every day, seeking out the very best practitioners to enable us to produce high-quality Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development programming with TV or Movie-standard production quality – Love to Learn, Learn to Live.

Together Veterinary  Locumotion, Veterinary Jobs Marketplace and VETERINARYmasterclass will be the foundation for the VETERINARYmoda community worldwide, with even more in the pipeline.

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