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Veterinary Employers can now also enjoy publishing your Business Profile and posting your open shift Needs online. And both of you will enjoy receiving Alerts when there is a Match.

And just like Netflix, Spotify or Disney+, Veterinary Locumotion works on a simple, transparent, low-cost subscription and stamp model.

No agency fees - No hourly rate markups - No pay delays - No-one in between, not even us!

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Find Locum Relief Veterinarians, Technicians or Nurses locally, nationally and internationally. Publish your shift Needs and start finding Locum Relief staff today.

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We are always focused on providing the simplest, easiest to use and most transparent Veterinary Locum Relief platform. This is how it works for everyone.

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  • I've really enjoyed being on the Beta Test team. My profile looks really professional and I can see my listed availabilities and matches easily. Can't wait to see it live.
    Joanne K
    Locum Relief Veterinarian
  • Having seen a few attempts at creating a relief staff solution it's great to finally find one that works, but that is also easy to use. Well done and good luck with the launch!
    George T
    Practice Manager
  • Watching things develop from the early sketches and wireframes to now be ready for testing has been fascinating. And it works really well - what a cost-saving it will be.
    Michelle N
    E&CC Director


🤫 5 Insider Tips for Locum Relief Success

Embarking on a career in veterinary locum relief work is a journey filled with hidden gems and insider knowledge that can transform your professional life. Whether you’re a fresh face in the world of veterinary care or a seasoned professional looking to shake things up, understanding the secrets to success in locum work is key to unlocking a world of opportunity. With help from our Community, we reveal the top insider tips that pave the way to a successful, fulfilling career in locum relief work. Explore these essential tips and strategies designed specifically for veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and technicians seeking to create a sound foundation for eventually mastering the art of locum relief work…

📝 Mastering Locum Relief Contracts – Your Essential Guide

Some Locum Relief Veterinarians, Nurses, and Veterinary Technicians operate without a written Contract, preferring to make all of their arrangements verbally. Not exactly the best idea, but for occasional work, that can be sufficient. However, as a regular Locum Relief provider, a Contract is as essential as a stethoscope. Having a simple, Plain English Contract helps formalize the nature of the relationship, pre-empts any potential misunderstandings, and is mutually beneficial for all Parties concerned. So, whether you are a seasoned Locum Relief Veterinary Professional or just starting out, our Locum Relief Contract checklist is a great place to start…

🧘‍♂️ Serenity and Skills: 5 Essential Traits for Locum Relief Success

Navigating the world of locum relief work requires a very special set of attributes, where flexibility is your superpower, and confidence is your North Star. It’s a unique blend of thrill and skill, and for those who can balance the demands with a zen-like calm, the rewards are as plentiful as treats in a puppy training session. We’re not just talking about any relief vet; we’re diving into the traits of the greats. The ones who step into the clinic and, with a smile and a steady hand, have tails wagging and teams eager to follow their lead. So, grab your stethoscope and a cup of your preferred brew as we unfold the top five traits that could see you become the captain of your destiny. It’s not just about the medicine; it’s the art of merging serenity with skills, ensuring every clinic feels like they’ve hit the jackpot when you walk through their doors…

Veterinary Locumotion – Our Story

Veterinary Locumotion is a Business Unit of VETERINARYmoda, that aspires to be THE global community for all things to do with your career as a veterinary professional – Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Practice and Hospital Managers as well as Emergency & Critical Care and Specialist practitioners.

VETERINARYmoda: Veterinary – to do with animals, their care and wellbeing, Moda – trend, style, innovation

You likely already know our Veterinary Jobs Marketplace which provides a global platform for primarily permanent veterinary team members and employers.

And in the second half of 2023, you will also have the opportunity to experience VETERINARYmasterclass. We are currently exploring the veterinary world every day, seeking out the very best practitioners to enable us to produce high-quality Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development programming with TV or Movie-standard production quality – Love to Learn, Learn to Live.

Together Veterinary  Locumotion, Veterinary Jobs Marketplace and VETERINARYmasterclass will be the foundation for the VETERINARYmoda community worldwide, with even more in the pipeline.

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